List of Vessels

Vessels I have been involved with new build construction, significant refits or conversions, and upgrades/modifications:

Drill ships
    Atwood Achiever (now ENSCO DS-12)
    Atwood Admiral (now ENSCO DS-13)
    Atwood Archer (now ENSCO DS-14)
    Discoverer Clear Leader
    Discoverer Americas
    Discoverer Inspiration
    Discoverer Luanda
    Discoverer Enterprise
    Discoverer Spirit
    Discoverer Deep Seas
    Deepwater Pathfinder
    Deepwater Frontier
    Deepwater Millennium
    Discoverer 534
    Discoverer Seven Seas
    West Auriga
    West Vela

Semi Submersibles
    Atwood Condor (now ENSCO DPS-1)
    Transocean Marianas
    Cajun Express
    Sedco Energy
    Sedco Express
    Deepwater Nautilus
    Henry Goodrich
    Transocean Rather
    Transocean Richardson

Jack Ups
    Transocean Comet
    Transocean Mercury
    Transocean Bahram (out of service)
    Transocean IO III

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