I started in June of 1992 with Sonat Offshore.  After numerous mergers and acquisitions, I found myself working for what became Transocean Offshore.  In December, 2010, I departed Transocean to become a self-employed contractor, with a focus on new build offshore drilling construction projects. With the offshore downturn, focus is now reactivation of vessels for new vessel contract opportunities.

January 2011 to present - self-employed independent contractor - Shearwater Offshore

July 2014 to April 2017
Senior Electrical Engineer - Atwood Oceanics
Senior electrical engineer for two new build drill ship builds in DSME shipyard, Korea (Atwood Admiral and Atwood Archer). Primary responsibiliy was all topsides power and controls engineering. Also hevily involved in vessel power management system.

December 2012 to January 2014
Integrated Acceptance Test Lead - Seadrill
Seadrill shall deliver two new build drillships from Samsung shipyard in Korea (West Auriga and West Vela).  The vessels shall work for BP in the Gulf of Mexico.  During the transit and at several ports of call, both BP and Seadrill will perform testing of the marine and drilling systems.  Responsible for Seadrill test  preparation and execution.

May 2011 to August 2012
Project Manager - Atwood Oceanics
Project Manager for Atwood Condor new build DP semi in Jurong Shipyard, Singapore.  Successfully completed vessel construction and commissioning on time and on budget.

"Clearly, our most significant project achievement in the third quarter was the delivery of the Atwood Condor, our 10,000-foot water depth Dynamically Positioned Semisubmersible, a full 2 days ahead of schedule on June 28. Our project management team did a fantastic job in delivering the Condor early without compromising on the thoroughness of system commissioning or the quality of the finishing work. Excellent collaboration between our projects and operations teams, the Jurong Shipyard and our client, Hess Corporation, made this milestone possible."
Rob Saltiel - President and CEO Atwood Oceanics - August 2, 2012 3rd quarter earnings conference call.
Engineering Manager - Transocean Offshore
Engineering manager for construction of five new build DP drill ships designed and constructed at Daewoo Shipbuilding in South Korea (Discoverer Clear Leader, Discoverer Americas, Discoverer Inspiration, Discoverer Luanda and Discoverer India).  Responsible for development of equipment specifications, basic and detailed construction and equipment design reviews, factory acceptance test coordination, equipment and vessel certification, regulatory body approvals, all vessel documentation, construction support, commissioning procedure creation, issue management with shipyard and vendors to deliver solutions for complex technical problems.

June 2005 – February 2006
Senior Electrical Design Engineer - Transocean Offshore
Principal electrical design engineer for a new top drive drilling control system.  Including provisions for condition based monitoring, remote monitoring and diagnostics, data logging machine functions, selection and specification of two motor ABB AC drive system, development of operator HMI.

March 2001 – May 2005
Senior Electrical Design Engineer - Transocean Offshore
Senior electrical engineer identifying and correcting complex control system problems with eight active heave drawworks control systems and drilling drive systems in the Transocean new build fleet (Deepwater Pathfinder, Deepwater Millennium, Deepwater Frontier, Deepwater Nautilus, Sedco Energy, Sedco Express, Cajun Express).  Specified, oversee fabrication and factory testing, installation and commissioning of an in-line tensioner system for a production riser package (Discoverer Enterprise).  This included the development, implementation and testing of emergency disconnect control algorithms.  Tuned several engine genset installations to optimize power plant performance.  Identified and corrected numerous motor drive systems in a variety of applications.  Functioned as project manager specifying, purchasing, installing and commissioning a 2000 point vessel management system controlling ballast, bilge, power management, machinery monitoring, fire and gas, watertight doors, etc. (Henry Goodrich)  Simultaneously functioned as project manager installing and commissioning a top drive and complementary variable frequency drive.

January 1999 – February 2001
Senior Electrical Design Engineer - Transocean Offshore
Senior electrical engineer for the drilling package construction of two new build drill ships (Discoverer Spirit and Discoverer Deep Seas).  Developed company electrical drafting and electrical installation standards, authored electrical installation scope-of-work and contracted electrical installation through shipyard.  Detail design of cable tray systems, power distribution system, electrical arrangement of electrical equipment within drilling areas, and created installation drawings for SCADA based drilling systems, power distribution systems, riser tensioner controls, BOP control, PA, general alarm, CCTV, lighting systems, fire and gas detection, vessel LAN, and protection relay coordination of vessel.  Creation of 1200+ electrical drawings for project.  Directing installation, startup and commissioning of above systems through vessel construction completion. The 835ft, 100,000 metric ton, dynamically positioned, dual-activity drill ships are equipped to drill in 10,000ft water depth and have 125,000 barrel production capability.

December 1995 – December 1998
Senior Electrical Design Engineer - Transocean Offshore
Senior electrical design engineer for conversion of a multi-purpose semi submersible vessel to a fourth generation drilling vessel (Transocean Marianas).  New equipment installations included: 4160V generator switchgear; 480V ship service transformers; 480V ship service board; MCCs; power panels; lighting and receptacle distribution boards; SCR drive system; vessel load analysis; short circuit study; thruster controls for DP Class 2; vessel management system (SCADA); BOP; acoustic position system; ballast controls; GMDSS; telephone and satellite system; LAN; PA; general alarm; fire and gas system; CCTV; UPS and battery system; lighting of vessel; radar; derrick; top drive; iron roughneck; drilling instrumentation system; driller’s console; riser tensioners; mud process system; chain/wire combination anchor winches; gantry crane; accommodations; etc.  Creation of 1600+ electrical drawings for project.  The vessel is now operating in the Gulf of Mexico and is designed and equipped to drill in 7500ft. water depth.

1992– November 1995
Electrical Design Engineer
  • Design and construction of a subsea BOP heading instrument to detect rotation of the BOP on the wellhead.
  • Design, construction, installation and commissioning of riser tensioner recoil system on the drill ship Discoverer Seven Seas.
  • Installed third mud pump and mud pump SCR drive on the jack up DF-87.
  • Design and procurement of satellite entertainment system for the drill ship Discoverer Seven Seas.
  • Procurement and installation supervision of satellite communications system between Transocean Mexico turnkey division, two jack up rigs in the Bay of Campeche and Transocean Houston.
  • Design, construction, testing and installation of redundant power supplies for subsea BOP multiplex system.
  • Installation and commissioning of Varco TDS 4S top drive and mud process system on the Transocean Rather.
  • Installation and commissioning of Varco TDS-3 top drives on the DF-85 and the DF-86.
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of drilling instrumentation systems on the Transocean Comet and Transocean IO III.
  • Installation of Varco IDS top drive and controls on a DC/DC jack up, Transocean Mercury.
All projects required:
  • System and equipment design.
  • Drawing review/approvals.
  • Preparation of specifications of new equipment, for enhancements to existing equipment, for vendor repairs of major equipment items.
  • Cost estimation.
  • Shipyard specifications.
  • Applications engineering.
  • Installation and commissioning


1987–1991, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
B.S., Electrical Engineering


2006 receipient of Transocean First Excellence Award.  This is an internal Transocean award for members who have gone above and beyond in demonstrating the company’s core values of FIRST – Financial discipline, Integrity, Respect, Safety and Technical Leadership.


"Achieving Project Targets with Simultaneous Operation of Dynamically Positioned Vessels", Co-Authors Rick Pilgrim, Håvard Brandt, Graeme Ripley, DNV; David Rankin, Owen Jenschke, Transocean.  Presented at the Deep Offshore Technology Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans, December 2004.  DOT Paper 13245.


Siemens S7 PLCs, Siemens Step 7 programming (STL, SCL, ladder logic), Siemens ProTool, AutoCAD, ABB ACS motor drives, Cegelec Motor drives, Bauteil motor drives, OPC servers and clients.


Intouch Wonderware, Industrial SQL server, Active Factory, Siemens Simoreg and Sinamic AC motor drives, Alspa PLC, GE Fanuc PLCs, Kongsberg DP and Vessel Automation Systems, Basler Generator Excitation devices, GE and various generator and switchgear relay protection devices, JMP statistical discovery software, Woodward and Hienzmann governor controllers.  Have experience with system design, installation, startup and commissioning of drilling and marine equipment on many offshore installations.

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